Falu Rödfärg (Traditional Falu Red Swedish House), Nyköping

A quick upload from a recent family week in the amazing town of Nyköping. Having whizzed past the town en route to Stockholm courtesy of Ryanair’s habit of flying people into the middle of no where, we decided to visit again, hire a car and simply explore the local area. There’s some incredible scenery just fifteen minutes drive from the airport, and I’ll really struggle to use it as a base for Stockholm now – knowing what we’d be missing. Wonderful archipelagos of rocky islands and thick coastal forest. This shot comes from the golf course where we got a loft apartment for the weekend. A quick wander around in the summer sunshine led me to a nearby house with that fantastic Scandinavian red timber boarding. The owners kindly agreed that I take a couple of pictures of their property, of which this shot (actually two shots, as I’ve manually blended in a little extra grass to give it breathing room in this 4:3 format) was my favourite. I know there are people who’d want to go to town and HDR the hell out of it, but that’s not my style. I really like the blaze of summery haze growing on the left, so I’ve just manually brought a few panels on a separate layer. Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

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