I’m an internationally published amateur photographer, best known for long exposure, light painting and street portraits. I’ve been shooting seriously for five years and have been featured in Advanced Photography, Absolute Photo, Amateur Photographer and Composition (Israel), including 10-12 page features and interviews. I shoot stock for Getty Images, with images used by Lonely Planet, Epson, Sky, BT, Yahoo, Elle Magazine (France) and many others.

Whilst my flickr page has served well as a hub for sharing pictures and thoughts on photography, I wanted a place to share more substantial pieces, as a way of documenting my experiments and experiences, and sharing learnings with others.  I’m hoping this site might provide a platform for this purpose.  Many thanks for dropping by!

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    1. Thanks! Ace to meet up here – the recent Flickr update is pretty cool and offers some huge upgrades which I’m enjoying, yet I find myself rambling in posts and wanted to gather my various thoughts, tips, experiments, etc. in one place led by topic – rather than having them scattered across semi-random images!

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  1. Hey there! May i ask if i can use your unediited JPEG image as a photoshop practice image(non-profit use)? Im just a student and i do not have my own gears, I hope that you don’t mind me using ur image to practice my editing in Photoshop!


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