Kauppatori Reflections, Helsinki

Our first day in Helsinki it rained pretty thoroughly, creating some nice black pools on the cobbles around the harbour. That first night, however, I was geared up for the stranger project. I snapped one of these with my phone and on night two, headed out with the TS-E instead. Step by step I find myself shooting primes, and carrying just one. Sure, you miss shots – this would have been one of them, if the rainwater had dried up – but you’re always going to miss shots, and the limitations force a creativity and focus that reveal new shots – better than the more literal interpretations people can fall into when armed with a zoom that can always find a “this is what it looked like” POV. This shot – came back the next night with a different lens – is if anything the opposite, though, so I’ll save that ramble for a different day! Though I had the tripod, the view point was ground level to maximize the reflections. I emptied my pockets, roughly stabilised the camera with some well chosen coins under the corners, and laid flat on the cobblestones for twenty minutes or so for a tram to come by. This is a blend of two shots from the one that turned up, giving the full sweep of movement. Hope everyone is very well and enjoying a great start to the weekend. Catching up now. If you have a second, you may enjoy my photography blog, where I share some thoughts on the experiments I’m currently messing around with to get better at learning to light my images.

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