"Whirling Swan" - Jessica dancing, reflected in mirror glass

Last year was quite a quiet year for Jessica shots on Flickr, with most of her pictures going straight to her growing collection of stock on Getty Images. That said, in compiling in putting together a top ten photographs 2015 gallery inspired by the awesome Martin Bailey, I couldn’t quite balance the set without adding this one to it (and thus to Flickr). I’d hugely recommend the process of curating your work down to a top ten, as outlined by Martin on his incredible photography blogcast here. It’s thrown some new light on my photography and where I’d like to take it in the New Year. Regarding the photo, Jessica’s doing ballet at school, but remains significantly more dervish than swan. If you like this one, here’s a slightly sillier candid of her which gives her father concern about her future career paths. Hope everyone is having an amazing start to 2016! Catching up through the week!

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