Tim (Stranger #72/100), Virginia Mount Vernon

Street Portait

Tim was down in Mount Vernon from Fort McHenry in Baltimore to lead a muscial tribute to the Star-Spangled Banner. He played the pipe and led an understated ceremony on the dignified Bowling Green, and we later met as he and his fellow musicians wandered the grounds in the late afternoon.

His superbly presented outfit caught my eye, but there was a slightly cautious intellectualism to his expression, that seemed at odds with his very public role – that’s why I asked if he would like a portrait, taken here in the lee of one of George Washington’s many intriguing out buildings.

This is portrait #72 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Also, I’m now live on Facebook; www.facebook.com/Flatworldsedge.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying an exciting end to the week. I’m back on Flickr a little more in the coming week as I’m starting to get on top of everything at the new job – lot’s of training, learning and juggling, but I’m nearly there and looking forward to sharing a few more shots from the last few months!

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