Gabby (Stranger #26/100), Oxford

There’s been a lot keeping me away from Flickr recently, so apologies to Gabby for a few days delay in sharing her portrait.

We met on Brasenose Lane, where her friend Katie and her were kind enough to stop and share model/assistant duties to make this street portrait. They’re students at Brasenose; the college providing the soft Oxford stone backdrop for this shot. Thanks for taking part in the project, guys!

It’s a little wider than most of my 100 Strangers series, yet I wanted to get Gabby’s ace necklace into the frame – and cropping closer kind of sliced it into a disturbingly incomplete half.

STROBIST INFO: On camera Canon 600EX-RT in Lastolite Ezybox. Second Canon 600EX-RT street level 45° left of shot, angled upward from ~3m (bare) – three stops below first flash. Fired with RT. Gold reflector camera left. Criticism much appreciated.

This is portrait #26 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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