Gianna (Stranger #25/100), Las Vegas Venice

When Gina and Gianna asked me to take their picture together in Venice Las Vegas, it seemed only fair to also pitch them in the idea of a portrait for the project.

Fortunately they agreed, and we got three quick frames for each of them before security intervened to move us along. Shooting with reflector and on camera softbox, it must have looked like a model shoot.

As always when shooting strangers that know each other, I’m posting as a single session. Gina did a better job with the reflector, and as she went first my exposure wasn’t quite dialled in, so I’ve posted Gianna. Even shooting at ISO 1600 you can see the slight grain from boosting the under exposure – there’s an atmospheric gloom in the casino, which doesn’t help!

Gina – please do email me for your portraits. Gianna – I hope you like this one. Hopefully you both had a great day. Thanks for taking part in the project.

This is portrait #25 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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