Onai (Stranger #21/100), Venezia Arsenale

Onai and Helen were wandering through the Arsenale when I stopped them for a shot. At the start of my project I was always concerned with asking couples, but it’s quickly become my preference. People understandably seem more comfortable interacting when they have some backup, and an extra pair of hands is much appreciated when you’re juggling reflectors and so forth.

Helen’s helping out on this one with a gold/silver reflector to bring some extra light into this tight shaded corner of worn brick.

Tempting as it was to shoot Onai with shades deployed, I prefer the connection without them. In this case, shifting then back allowed for a reflected Arsenale tower to come into shot. Onai noted this appropriate, as he’s (also) an Arsenal supporter. As we chatted he referred to the new ground correctly as The Grove, adding further evidence of his quality of character.

Onai and Helen – Thanks for stopping guys and for following up by email. Glad you like the shot!

This is portrait #21 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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