Tristan (Stranger #20/100), Venezia Rialto

Tristan Rà is a French painter currently working in Venice ahead of a December exhibition in Zurich. I’d hugely encourage everyone to check out Tristan’s work here.

Tristan – thanks for your time, thoughtful conversation and email. Really looking forward to seeing how your Venice project evolves.

He let me interrupt his work on the Rialto bridge, where he was painting “small” 4’x4′ canvases which he’ll take back to his studio to transform into vast final versions over the rest of the year.

We chatted in an enjoyably juggled mix of English, French and Italian over fifteen minutes, noting the vast assortment of tools we both used in pursuit of our respective art forms (reflector, softbox, etc. vs. oils, thinners, brushes, etc.).

Having taken a few quick shots whilst he worked, and not wishing to intrude too far with the light changing, I suggested a final shot with eye contact. Tristan rounded on the camera with storm-front level intensity and a twinkle of a smile. He noted with a wry smile the abstract feel graffiti behind him and that he felt it appropriate, and then we were done.

In terms of any image, it’s easy to dream up extra kit that would have been nice to have. This is one, however, where I feel the need for a second flash goes a little further. The reflector and on camera softbox give a neat fill, but I’d love to have shot a rim light between Tristan and the backdrop to give a little more drama to the separation.

This is portrait #20 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend. I’ve been off Flickr for the last week and a bit, so am looking forward to catching up.

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