Naomi (Stranger #19/100), Venezia San Marco

The Venice trip marks a milestone in my (early) 100 Stranger’s Project; the point where my approach has (perhaps temporarily) crystalised to (a) find a background (b) determine exposure (c) wait for the right stranger (d) shoot.

In some cases that gobbled up a little too much time, waiting for the right stranger to come by. In this case, Naomi turned up and kindly agreed to join in.

She was over from England on a photography trip with 100 others, and had just taken a solo trip out from the rest of the group. This is just inside one of the side alleys running parallel to the “Bridge of Sighs”. Naomi is holding a gold striped reflector and I’ve shooting with an on camera softbox, to get a decent exposure in the shadows. It was a little tricky to judge – thank you Naomi for being patient on that front. It felt important to make sure the distant light of the alleyway was darker than her face, to make sure the emphasis was correctly balanced to give her centre stage.

Thanks Naomi for taking part in the project – as per our chat, I can’t recommend it enough and really hope you decide to start one of your own. In any case, hopefully you got some great shots of Venice on your trip.

This is portrait #19 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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