84461Aya (Stranger #7/100), London Brick Lane42367_2cfb6aba2f_k

Aya came charging down Brick Lane en route to work Sunday, but was kind enough to stop for a photo. She’s French working in London and really like the idea of the 100 Strangers Project. We had time to step out into the middle of the road and shoot a couple of shots before she had to race on to start her day.

Aya – thanks do much for saying “yes” despite the time pressure. I hope you made it to work on time and like your picture!

This was at the start of Sunday’s 100 Strangers meet on Brick Lane. By the end of the day I’d learnt a tonne, and would have got the reflector out for Aya. I like the smudged brick diagonals in the background on this one, but would maybe now have tried a shot a little closer to them too. Still – that’s all with the benefit of hindsight and some great leanings from the group.

Hope everyone’s having an amazing week!

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