Julia (Stranger #6/100), London Brick Lane

Today I met up with fellow photographers from the 100 Strangers Project on London’s Brick Lane. After an early start and the expected fun and games offered by TFL’s weekend upgrade programme, I made it in to enjoy an incredible day shooting street portraits with a fantastic set of people.

Having kicked things off Xtarsy and Bomvu, and after a couple of quick rejections, Julia kindly agreed to become Stranger #6 in my project. She was rocking a pretty bold look, which totally dominated the winter morning. We took a few shots in the middle of the road, with her quickly checking her eyebrows were symmetrical – which they are, on top of being dictionary definition awesome.

I’d intended to shoot everything with eye contact, and there’s a neat shot from the session with Julia in the comments, but for the main shot I had to go for this peak across at the other chaps shooting their street portraits.

Julia – thanks for agreeing to be part of the project. I hope you like your shot and have an incredible week ahead of you.

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