Christina (Stranger #5/100), Rickmansworth Aquadrome

This is Christina, who kindly agreed to be stranger #5 in my 100 Strangers project.

I was out in the snow, hoping to shoot a winter shot with a slight “fashion” feel. Christina was a great sport and, smiling, agreed to go for this direct, moody stare. My week since has been spent canvassing opinion on the processing – on the one hand I fear I probably over processed it a little in going for that “look”, whereas on the other hand, everyone has liked the outcome.

She was in a rush to catch up with her husband and daughter, so whilst we didn’t chat much beyond the quick shoot, I very much appreciated her delaying herself a moment to take part.

Christina – thank you for joining in. I hope you and your family had a fantastic time in the snow, and that you like your portrait!

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