Momo (Stranger #75/100), London

I met Momo just before Christmas, out with the awesome Arnab K Ghosal around Soho. He’s providing significant help with a silver reflector to the right of this shot, otherwise lit with a big softbox up and left, and the hazy glow of sodium vapour street-lighting.

With the strange concrete and sodium background selected, Arnab and I had wandered on when Momo whizzed past head down, striding with purpose. I’m always cautious about chasing people and ambushing them from behind, because, let’s face it, it’s kind of unsettling! Especially if they’re hurrying on their way to a Christmas Eve-Eve party like Momo was, but he was a gentleman and kindly agreed to delay the party by five minutes whilst we walked back to the background, chatted and shot his portrait.

Momo’s striking look, it turned out, had been recognised more widely than just Arnab and I. He’s a model, and the ace jacket he was wearing is one of a number supplied by “Beyond Retro” for him. A very cool perk! I loved the way it picked up the light, and worked with his patterned scarf – not the kind of style all of us could pull off, but Momo was so easy going it just felt right for him.

As well as modelling he’s involved with an African charity helped to protect elephants in the wild – which is, obviously, totally awesome in itself!

This is portrait #75 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Also, I’m now live on Facebook;

Apologies for the radio silence over Christmas – as you know things being busy I’m feeling guilty for not and missing catching up with people more regularly! Hope everyone is fantastically well and enjoying an amazing start to the New Year.

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