Karoline (Stranger #61/100), Bergen

Bergen, it turns out, is famous for rain. There’s a story where a visitor asks a local boy if it ever stops raining, to which he responds, “I don’t know, I’m only twelve”. Nonetheless, during our two day stay we enjoyed blue sky and non-stop sunshine.

This made for lots of happy people, but created the challenge of finding shade for portraits along the waterfront. The timber section in this portrait is a tiny roofed stand by the harbour. I’m stood in full sun, shooting back in whilst Karoline is lit with reflectors held by my accomplice and her friend.

I’d stopped them a few minutes earlier as they strolled, knowing Karoline’s bright white top and glasses would have super impact against the golden tones of the timber, which should echo her wild, searingly blonde hair. Fortunately she was keen to get involved.

She’s a local, and has just completed art history studies, specialising in the Baroque, which she hopes to leverage in becoming a museum curator.

We shot several images, and I’ll add an alternate from the set soon. This one, however, was her favourite when shared by email – and I think it has a bold, Nordic poise that’s appropriate. I’m slightly below Karoline, as I’m out in the sun, shooting back into the timber stand and I think that gives her that extra boost of ship-prow power.

Thank you Karoline for pausing and getting involved – good luck in the move to museums; hopefully all sorts of exciting times ahead for you. Takk!

This is portrait #61 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Finally, I’m now tentatively live on Facebook; www.facebook.com/Flatworldsedge

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