Francesco (Stranger #64/100), Stockholm

Francesco looked even cooler when I first spotted him, weaving through the Stockholm’s Gamla Stan crowds with a bold red Coke can, deep in thought.

Just fifteen yards back from where I interrupted his thinking, one of the Old Town’s narrow alleyways offered a suitable backdrop for our portrait.

What I found interesting is how “Italian” Stockholm looks with Francesco in the frame. To my eye, this could easily have been shot in Venice or Bergamo, given the tone set and feel of the streets behind.

That feels strangely appropriate, as Francesco is a man with a foot in both worlds. An Italian architect, he is married to a Swedish design. They both commute between Stockholm and Milan, running the incredible Studio BAAG.

Francesco’s favourite project so far was design a huge drinks cabinet, carved so that when closed it look like it was a tree. Needless to say, it sounds dictionary definition genius.

Francesco – Thank you again for stopping, and getting touch for your portrait. I’m so glad you like it, and of course that you stopped and were so patient with my reflectors and questions! Grazie mille!

This is another two reflector shot – though with a small pop of -2 stop fill from an on camera Lastolite softbox. Editting wise, I’m torn about the marks on the drainpipe to the left – maybe something I should have cleaned up, though early tests left the background a little unbalanced when I did so.

This is portrait #64 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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