Angelina (Stranger #62/100), Sofia

On a grey, rainy day in Sofia, Angelina’s swirling green scarf and smile caught my eye as she raced home from a successful visit to the dentist.

Shooting against the side of the Sveta Nedelya Church to give a warm stone backdrop to harmonise with her skintone and for the greens to compliment, Angelina and I chatted about travel.

She’s lived in France, Morocco and Barcelona, travelling alone to avoid any compromises in her decisions along the way. She’s an inspiring person and we rambled along for twenty minutes or so, agreeing how variety generally enriched the world.

As to the green scarf and jewelry, she wears that to represent freedom – we recalled Margaret Thatcher wore green in Poland for this reason.

The shot is another in the “two reflector school” – Angelina is holding the sunfire, and I have the larger gold.

Hope everyone is having great week!

This is portrait #62 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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