Lina (Stranger #59/100), Bergen

The old green corrugated iron shed used as a background here stands on the northern side of Bergen’s harbour. Most days I understand Bergen is lost in mist and rain, but during our visit it was blasted with hard 28 degree C sunshine, and so the little green shed offered pretty much the only shade on the water’s edge.

We’d wandered past a couple of times during the day, when passersby were mostly on the other side of the road enjoying the sun. Fortunately, at third visit, Lina and a couple of friends were ambling along in the shade. She had an easy going, very Scandinavian, calm which seemed appropriate for the cool sweep of green.

On an afternoon stroll, they seemed happy to pause for a moment. Lina’s friends helped with reflectors – one large gold on the camera left, one sunfire on the right to get an even light. Passing cars threw reflected light onto the background, giving a little shimmer to the green panels, preventing them from falling too flat.

Lina and her friends are from Denmark, just about to head home after a few months work in Bergen. Lina noted Norway’s superb mountains and natural attributes as the things she’ll miss most when they leave.

This is portrait #59 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Ongoing apologies to my contacts and those kind enough to visit my Photostream. This is my last upload for a couple of weeks due to travel. Look forward to catching up with everyone on my return.

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