Jean (Stranger #55/100), City Of London

Out shooting with Bomvu during England’s second World Cup match, I met Jean on Moorgate in the City of London, juggling a phone with my photo request, searching for friends she was meant to be meeting.

Taking a moment to stop, her boldly contrasting shirt and striking hair seemed perfect for a chalky stone backdrop along the side of an old bank. We shot four frames, with this superbly direct, almost reproachful, stare, before her friends saw her across the street and we headed off to our respective evening engagements.

The shots the first of a few where I’m trying to work with two reflectors to get as smooth a light as possible. It’s not a skill I’ve mastered yet, but hope to show you some progress through the next few portraits. In this one Jean is holding a giant gold reflector, whilst Colin shines a more distant “sunfire” finish reflector in from the camera right.

Thanks Jean for stopping – and for being the lucky first recipient of my newly printed contact cards! Hope you like your picture.

This is portrait #55 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Catching up now!

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