Paris (Stranger #58/100), Watford

Looking to keep the momentum strong on my 100 Strangers Project, I headed out in Watford yesterday late afternoon. I’d been out in Watford for a couple of hours before without any success, but buoyed up by breaking a similar hoodoo in Blackpool last Sunday, thought I’d give it a shot.

Watford High Street features a (not entirely beautiful, but very useful) two lane overpass, offering limited shade and some short stretches of textured concrete I thought would work as backgrounds. With all the smokey grey blur ready, I just needed a stranger with enough impact to stand out against it and lift the image.

Meet Paris. She and friend Kane were strolling along with an ice cream, and with her dark, definite make up, monotone outfit and vibrant sweep of hair all looked like they could take command of the scene I had in mind.

Chatting, she was instantly happy to get involved. She’s a second year photography student. As often when I hear someone shoots, I got carried away suggesting she check out the page and start a project of her own. I wish I’d asked more about her current work! Sorry!

Learning from my shot with Chloe (#57) where the larger reflector was uncomfortable to pose with, Paris held the smaller sunfire reflector just out of shot, whilst Kane held the larger gold reflector camera left.

When we shared the pictures on the LCD, Paris gave a whoop of happy surprise, which was kind of awesome – yet, unexpected as she posed so powerfully and naturally.

Paris – thanks again for stopping, and I hope the full image her lives up to your expectation from the LCD. If you got a second to send me a link to your Flickr that would be ace – I’d love to see what you shoot and share your work here. Have a fantastic week in any event!

This is portrait #58 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Catching up now after another weekend travelling and shooting!

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