Anna (Stranger #46/100), Paris Notre Dame

This weekend saw me in Paris. A 6am flight and metro into the city centre, and 9am saw me outside Notre Dame, softbox assembled and looking for my first background.

Shaded by broad Parisian trees, a blue painted door looked good, and moments after seeing it, Anna wandered up in a super blue sweater, and the day was away.

Anna and her friend (also Anna) luckily spoke superb English, and were thereby spared my somewhat depleted facility for French.

Anna was in Paris for a meet up of fellow students. Having studied together in Dublin, they now organise annual get togethers around Europe – this year in Paris.

With Anna #2 helping with the reflector we took a few shots under the leafy branches and headed on to our respective days.

It was a super, bright start to the day!

Thanks Anna for agreeing to take part – it was fantastic speaking, and I hope your reunion was fantastic fun. Safe travel home!

This is portrait #46 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

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