Bing (Stranger #45/100), London Hoxton

Saturday afternoon I dipped into London to shoot with the Hooded Accomplice (HA) and to try out Red Dog Saloon. Just off Hoxton Square the restaurant boasts BBQ/smoking equipment imported from the USA and the UK’s largest burger (“The Devastator”).

Having walked across town a little quicker than expected, we set up to get some photos whilst lunchtime caught up with us.

Just outside the restaurant there’s a neat black wall, currently boasting some cool, oriental-feel (to my mind) street art. Figuring that would make a neat backdrop, I shout a few frames of the HA to get exposure nailed, then waited.

Meet Bing. She stood out for her impactful look – especially her incredibly sassy red shades. She was out with a friend, in a little bit of a rush, but kind enough not only to stop, but also to say she was flattered to be asked.

We shot just a few frames, with the HA assisting with a 1.2m gold reflector (camera left, bottom corner). Please see this alternative shot (also in the comments) if you want to get a better idea of her look. She carried off a superb, neutral “fashion” gaze with aplomb. This one’s framing of the background edged it, but the other shot has a some neat geometry with Bing’s hair.

Thanks Bing for stopping and being part of the project. I wish we’d had more time to chat – hopefully you had a super afternoon though, and like your portrait! Please do email me if you’d like a high res copy.

This is portrait #45 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Update: Red Dog Saloon is great – clean, bright, authentically American, super service and a mean unsweet ice tea. The Devastator is comically big, but quality and manageable if you eat it over a leisurely chat. Finishing it in the ten minute time limit they mandate in their challenge is feasible only if you bring local anaesthetic and a crowbar with which to dislocate your jaw. Personally I think Bodeans has the edge for winter, but Red Dog Saloon is much aired and bright and will be my US BBQ joint of choice in London for the spring and summer at least.

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