Carrie (Stranger #31/100), London Chinatown

Carrie was the second stranger who agreed to a street portrait on my recent night shooting off camera flash with Bomvu in Chinatown’s back alleys.

Carrie’s a marketing student down from Durham to visit her sister in London. They were literally two thirds of the way through a restaurant door I raced up and was allowed to derail their dinner plans.

Having tested lighting on Colin (who is maybe twice as tall as Carrie!), I’m hugely appreciative of her patience as I rushed back and forth changing settings on the bounced fill flash. This was the last of the series – and by far the best – so thanks for waiting it out!

Thanks again Carrie – hope you guys had a fantastic meal!

This is portrait #31 of my 100 Strangers Project – check out the group page and get involved.

Info for Strobist:

Key light is a Canon 600EX-RT in a 38″ softbox 45* up and left of the camera, triggered at 1/32 power by RT from a non-firing Canon 600EX-RT on camera (purely for trigger/focus-assist). There’s a YN-560ii 3m right of Carrie firing into a white wall and bouncing CTO gelled light back in. I’m ashamed to have mislayed the exact setting – 1/8 I think, but maybe a stop lower.

Re-shooting I think I’d place another strobe way behind Carrie at ground level for a tiny low power pop of separation, maybe gelled 1/2 CTO/Plus Green.

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