Story Arch (In Camera Light Painting), Studland Beach

Last weekend the good weather saw us paddling along Studland beach. The tide was out, so we took Jessica up to the rock pools and re-discovered a set of caves I’d forgotten existed. That evening I went back to shoot from one.

It’s a shot I think I’ll need to reshoot, but thought it was fun enough for an initial post. I’m going to watch my tide tables and feet a little more to get smooth sand coming into the cave, and would ideally see a little less cloud for a final frame.

There’s a strange ghosting from the TS-E here – I think the issues come from shooting straight on, close focused on the rock of the cave. Next time I’ll see what I can do getting the girl closer to focus.

There’s a little cloning on the left hand cave wall to remove a distracting chalky stain, but everything else is in camera as always.

Info For Strobist:

Three half power flashes of Canon 600EX-RT from 2m camera left to light cave. Girl is hand drawn with LED flashlight with sock as diffuser.

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