Stone Bridge Across Mala Savica (All In Camera Light Painting), Gorenjska Slovenia

Waterfalls get super names in most languages; cascada/cascade, foss/force, etc. In Slovenian it’s a “slap”. Which is maybe the best.

This bridge heralds the start of the winding forest walk up to the Slap Savica in Triglav National Park.

The night before this shot I’d headed up just after sunset. The out of season car park was a maze of shadows, overseen by the staring, silent eyes of the forest. I’ll admit to giving it a miss for fear of fairytales in the gloom.

Nonetheless I headed back the next day – a little earlier. I find locations much easier to work in when you walk there in the light. However dark it then gets, somehow the haunted edge has been taken off the setting. And besides, you do have to leave, whereas entering is optional.

I hope to post a good number of shots from this session, with different views on the bridge and rapids as night fell. This is my last shot of the evening; a six minute exposure made in a soft, smooth darkness. All the light is introduced by hand using LED flashlights. A solid, mid-power CREE LED with a baby sock diffuser is used to draw visible lines – like the girl – and a Jack Bauer grade Lenser MT-7 is used to illuminate elements in the scene.

In this case the MT-7 was on nearly constantly throughout the exposure. The foreground rocks were lit from all sides, with random splashes of light on the water. The bridge was lit at a harsh angle standing on a picnic table just out of shot camera right. The spring leaves in the trees were then lit from below, and behind the bridge.

Hopefully people like it! I may post the set up shot later to show the scene with just natural light – it’s nice enough, but inevitably flat in comparison.

Have a great weekend all!

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