Little James Island (Rialto Beach), Pacific Northwest

From a San Francisco to Seattle drive back when I was still at school, I remember the Oregon/Washington coast as one vast sweep of mist-shrouded dinosaur graveyard. Following two weeks of near Californian sun around Mount Rainier and Seattle, we headed out to Olympic National Park’s Rialto Beach and hit a wall ofg as total and ever present as those memories.

Some couple of hours later, having wandered up the beach in a claustophobia-inducing fifty metre visibility 18% grey, some hidden sea god drew breath around the headland and the fomist swept back revealing momentarily James Island just off shore.

Needless to say, I plunged into the sea shooting at it, but my favourite from the series is this one, just for the dark beach and contrasting tongues of surf.

And the zombie. There’s a disturbingly shambling zombie figure distant left that bears zooming into.

One issue of digital photography is I no longer take notes, so whilst I was testing the CPL filter a lot on this holiday, I can’t see if it was off or on here – but I believe it was off, helping to create the textures in the cloud and the dark, charcoal sand.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Update – the proper name for this weather is a “haar”, something better explained haar by Flickr contact Paul.

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