Rainfall (Katherine Velours & Rain Bokeh), Shrub Hill Common

These are another two from last week’s rain interrupted “witch” shoot with Katherine Velours. We’re picking up the shoot this evening, hoping that this time the weather let’s us finish the series with some long exposure stuff of sparklers and spell books.

Choosing between mono and colour was really hard on this pair; the B&W seems much more focused on the bumblebee and rain, whilst the colour version wants to tell a story about the gloomy wood.

Hope everyone is having a super start to the week.

Info for Strobist:

2x Canon 600EX-RT – master on camera in Lastolite “Ezybox”, at 1/32, slave at full power in shoot through umbrella, just above model, 3m back, ~60 degrees to camera left “aiming” between model and background, fired by built in RT.

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