Searchlight (Blea Tarn Headlights Through Rain), Lake District

Another quick post from my Boxing Day circuit of favourite Lake District views. Like last year there was plenty of inclement weather to enjoy – drifting mist and rain, rather than hail – but that does keep the riff raff off the fells!

I shot a lot of frames of this, with the clouds hunkered low, raking through the trees obscuring everything. Suddenly the wind picked up and for moments the Langdale peaks appeared in the middle of my shot. The tarn went still. I grabbed my shutter release, and at that exact moment the car’s headlight popped into view and paused on the cattle grid at the top of the pass. I didn’t need further prompting. Click!

I’ve done some Photoshop work along the foot of the frame to tidy up a few surplus stones.

Hope everyone is enjoying an amazing start to the New Year!

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